how MyAlerts! works

When you ORDER YOUR PACK, you'll receive a personalised MyAlerts! card with a unique Personal Identification Code, or PIC.

In the event that you suffer an accident or medical emergency, this code will give first responders instant access to your 'Public Alerts' page, where you can list critical medical information including any health conditions, allergies or medications you are taking that are important to ensure an accurate diagnosis and safe, effective, treatment.

You can update these Public Alerts as often as you wish, and even let people know that you have pets at home that need looking after in your absence, whilst all the time remaining completely anonymous!

the perfect gift

If not for yourself, a MyAlerts! account makes the ideal and affordable present for a loved one. . .  perhaps your partner, an elderly relative or a child with communication difficulties.  We even include a FREE silicone wristband that will alert medical professionals to look for the card in an unresponsive patient's wallet, phone case, bag or pockets.

try it for yourself. . .

To see just how quick and simple MyAlerts! is to use, enter the demo PIC Z6T82Y (illustrated on the card above) to access and read an example 'Public Alerts' page!

plus. . . two for one!

MyAlerts! drugs and medications

medical alerts!

The fundamental aim of MyAlerts! is to make first responders aware of any existing health issues you have, or medications you are taking, which may affect treatment choices in the event that you suffer a medical emergency or accident.
Click for more about medical alerts. . .

Pets @ home dog


If you live alone and have the misfortune to be incapacitated, there is no need to worry about your pets being abandoned.  MyAlerts! includes a section dedicated to ensuring that they will be safe and looked after in your absence.
Read how pets@home works. . .

how much does it cost?

Thanks to the generosity of our supporting businesses, we are able to provide you with this service for exactly one penny a day!  See the ORDER YOUR PACK page for more details.

For the mathematicians amongst you:  A five-year account costs £20.99 (which is 1,825 days), but we give you an extra six months (185 days) completely FREE, so that you have time to renew.

from anywhere in the world

Being entirely on-line, our unique medical and pet alerts system is available from any country in the world. . .  and, because English is the common language for medical professionals across the globe, MyAlerts! is equally as appropriate for British expats, wherever they may have relocated!

privacy guaranteed!

In a digital world where identity theft and online fraud are constant threats, MyAlerts! is unique.  We never need to know your name, email address or phone number. . .  and there is no greater privacy than being completely anonymous!
Discover why MyAlerts! is so secure. . .

a personal message

CLICK HERE to read a personal message from one of our founders and the designer of the system, that explains the history of MyAlerts! and what motivated its development.

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