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The answers below address those questions that are most often asked, but please don't hesitate to send any other queries you may have to . .  so we can make the contents of this website a little clearer!

(You can always find this site again by simply searching for; 'Penny Alerts' or 'Penny Medic' in any search engine).


. . .your privacy

How secure is my Public Alerts page?
A Public Alerts page is ONLY accessible using the card holder's unique PIC.

Can somebody guess my PIC?
Statistically, yes. . .  but the chances of doing so are the same as winning the Lotto jackpot, every week, for nine months on the trot!  ( 1,600 Million to 1 )

How do I update my Public Alerts?
Simply go to your own Public Alerts page by entering your PIC into the box on our HOME PAGE.  At the top of your Alerts page you will find a link marked 'LOG-IN TO UPDATE'.  Follow this link, enter your password, and you'll be taken to your secure update form. . .  the rest is self explanatory!

What happens to my address?
We only ever use your address once, to create the postage label for your Alerts pack (or replacement wristband). . .  and it is then deleted.  We do not capture or store any other identifyable or contact information about you!

Can I include my name?
Because none of the content of Public Alerts is searchable, adding just the card holder's name will not compromise privacy. . .  and can help first responders confirm that the card actually belongs to the patient.

. . .your alerts pack

Is that an 'i' or a number 1 in my PIC?
Although your PIC is not case sensitive when typed in, it is shown on your card as a mixture of numbers and capital letters so, to avoid confusion;
The tall 0 is zero, and the circular one is the letter O.  The number 1 has the twiddly bits top and bottom, whilst I is the capital letter i.

Why do we give you a wristband?
All first responders;  paramedics, firefighters, police and A&E staff check a patient's wrists for any medical notification bracelets.  To be absolutely sure that your card is found, this discrete black wristband simply states;  'In the event of a medical emergency, I am carrying a MyAlerts! card'.

I've lost my wristband, can I get another?
Yes!  Although we include a MyAlerts! silicone wristband free of charge with every account, if you need a replacement you can order one at any time for just £2.99 from our WRISTBAND ORDER PAGE.

Why is my Alerts Pack in a plastic envelope?
This was the only tamper-proof material that would adequately protect your security. . .  although we were able to find a fully recycled, and recyclable, option.  See our POLICIES page.

. . .support

I've lost my card, what should I do?
If you've lost your MyAlerts! card, or think that your password has been compromised, call SUPPORT on 01646 636311 between 8am and 4pm.

How do I reset my password?
Because we don't know your name, phone number or email address, we can't offer an automatic password reset.  If you forget your password, call Support on 01646 636311 (be sure to have your PIC at hand) and we'll reset it for you!

What if I forget my PIC?
Our Support team will ask for characters from your 'secret word' to ensure that it is you, and can then tell you your PIC!  If you don't remember your secret word, they will

When is your live support open?
Our Member and Technical support is available on the telephone from 8am to 4pm every weekday, or by email on;

. . .volunteering

How can I help?
We are only able to offer MyAlerts! for one penny a day because so many people generously give their time by VOLUNTEERING to help, either as Angel Operators, or simply to spread the word!

What is the job of an Angel Operator?
If a first responder can't access the internet for any reason, they can call our 0330 Emergency number and one of our Angel Operators will open the Public Alerts page associated with the given PIC and read the contents to them!

Promoting MyAlerts!
At just a penny a day, we have no budget for traditional advertising or marketing.  Instead, we rely entirely on people just like you to share and create awareness of this life-saving service!  Visit our FACEBOOK PAGE and join the Volunteers group where you will find a library of images that you can share!

live support

If you still have queries or concerns, please call our live support line on 01646 636311 between 8am and 4pm on any weekday.  We'll be delighted to hear from you and can answer your questions in person!