Over eight million people in the UK live alone. . .  and over half of these have at least one pet.  If you fall into this group and are unfortunate enough to suffer an accident or medical emergency whilst away from home, the last thing you need to be worrying about are your fur or feather babies!

peace of mind. . .

Thanks to our dedicated sponsor, your Public Alerts page includes a section where you can let your carers know that you have pets at home who need rescuing!  You can also include the telephone number for someone you trust who can either take your pets in, or look after them in familiar surroundings until you are able to return home.

cats, dogs or a parrot. . .

There is no limit to the number or types of pets that you can list, and you can include specific instructions for each, so whoever is contacted for help will know exactly what to do.  If your non-human family grows, or as their individual needs change, you can edit the content at any time.

thank our sponsor. . .

This section of MyAlerts is available for sponsorship!  Can you join our SPONSORS, allowing us to bring peace of mind to so many people, knowing that dependent pets will be cared for in their absence for just a penny a day!

Remember, you can try MyAlerts! for yourself. . .  just enter the demo PIC code Z6T82Y into the search box on our HOMEPAGE and you will see exactly what a first responder or medical professional is presented with!