support & advice

If you need to know about registering or updating your Public Alerts page, to report a lost card or simply have questions you need answering, call our Support & Advice line on 01646 636 311 from 8am to 4pm, Monday to Friday and we'll be delighted to help.

To protect your privacy and security, whenever you contact Support we will always ask for your PIC. . .  if your card is lost, you should have made a note of your PIC on the activation letter we sent!  However, if you really can't find your PIC, read the bonus content below.

<< lost PIC and your secret word >>

your secret word

This is the memorable word you set at the point of registration, and our Support team will ask you for one or two characters from this word to make sure that you really are the authorised card holder before they can make any changes to an account.  If you've forgotten your Secret Word our support team are able to read you the 'Secret Word Hint' that you entered at the same time, which will probably jog your memory.

finding a lost PIC

If your card is lost, and you can't find your back-up copy of the PIC, we are able to search the database for Secret Words. . .  which will usually lead to your PIC!  Our Support team will do their best to help but please remember;  we can't 'bend the rules' on privacy and the potential loss of an account may be the price you pay for such bomb-proof security.

please don't use the 0330 number!

The Angel Hotline number on the back of your MyAlerts! card is for use in medical emergencies ONLY, when a first responder is unable to access the internet.  Our volunteer operators have no access to the administrative system and so cannot help with general or security queries.


forgotten passwords. . .

Because we never know your name, telephone number or email address, the usual automatic method of resetting a lost or forgotten password isn't possible.  Instead, when you call Support we will ask you for your PIC.  We'll then confirm that you are the genuine card holder by asking you for one or two random characters from your 'Secret Word'.

If you can't remember your Secret Word, we'll read you the 'Secret Word Hint' that you entered at registration as a reminder.  Once we are sure that it's you, we'll manually clear the old password and you can simply ACTIVATE your card again with a new password!

Search tip:  You can always find this site again by Googling 'Penny Alerts' or 'Penny Medic'!


replacing a lost card

If your MyAlerts! card is lost or stolen (or you suspect that your PIC has been compromised), call Support and we can turn off your account instantly, so that your private medical information remains private.

We will also re-issue you with a new card, and a new PIC, completely free of charge!


our angel operators. . .

Although 94% of the UK has at least 3G mobile coverage, there are going to be times when a first responder is unable to access the internet, and so can't see your Public Alerts.

In these rare instances, there is an 0330 local call rate telephone number on the back of every MyAlerts! card which is manned 24 hours a day, seven days a week, by our volunteer 'Angel Operators'.  Their role is to open the Public Alerts page associated with a PIC, and relate the information directly to the caller.

Just one of the ways that MyAlerts! is unique. . .  but still costs just a penny a day!

Why not take a look at our VOLUNTEER section for details of how you can become an Angel Operator, or join the growing team helping us to promote this potentially life saving service.