who needs the card?

The benefits of MyAlerts! are obvious for the elderly, or those with underlying health conditions.  But there are many other groups of people who could benefit enormously from this potentially life saving service.

If you are a CYCLIST or BIKER, a PARENT or CARER, a keen HIKER or WALKER. . .  if you engage in any type of EXTREME SPORTS, are of NO FIXED ABODE, a regular TRAVELLER or EXPATRIATE (wherever you are in the world), please consider the advantages of carrying a MyAlerts! card.

one penny a day. . .

. . .  is all it costs to give yourself the edge if you become the unfortunate victim of a medical emergency.

That's why, if you can't remember the web address and need to find us again, just search for 'Penny Medic' or 'Penny Alerts'!


cyclists and motorcyclists. . .

Whether you are a life-long sports motorcycle enthusiast, a fair weather Sunday biker or simply use a motor scooter for city commuting, you will be all too well aware of the dangers faced by two wheeled road users.  For a penny a day let your mantra be;  helmet, leathers, card.

Those without an engine fare almost as badly.  Over 4,200 cyclists* were seriously injured on the UK's roads during 2018 (RoSPA), with reported figures DOUBLING during the first three months of 2021.

MyAlerts! can't make the roads any safer, but investing just a penny a day can help you to improve your chance of a positive outcome.

*A note for the serious road or mountain cyclist, a MyAlerts! card is small and flexible enough to fit in the pocket of even the tightest lycra shorts!  ;o)


carers. . .

If you are the sole carer for a vulnerable friend, or relative with special needs, you can use this feature to nominate someone who can be contacted to take over the role in your absence.


outdoor activities. . .

Hiking, climbing, orienteering, or simply walking in wilderness areas means that there is a far greater chance that you might experience a medical emergency in a remote or inaccessible location. . .  possibly with no internet access.

Thanks to our network of volunteer Angels, your MyAlerts! medical history and important notifications can also be accessed by calling our 24 hour emergency number!


extreme sports enthusiasts. . .

Whether you spend your leisure time or holidays snowboarding, skiing, downhill mountain bike racing, climbing, SCUBA diving or hang gliding. . .  registering for your MyAlerts! card could potentially make a life changing difference.

Be treated right for one penny a day.


frequent travellers. . .

As the world travel market slowly begins to wake after the worst of lock-down, people are once again booking cruises and foreign holidays.  Remember, MyAlerts! can be accessed from any country, anywhere on the planet, and English is the most widely spoken language amongst medical professionals, especially in tourist areas.  Write your packing check-list now;  passport, tickets, MyAlerts!

You can spend hundreds of pounds in travel insurance. . .  so for another penny a day make that insurance work harder by carrying a MyAlerts! card.


worldwide expats. . .

MyAlerts! can be accessed by computer, tablet or mobile phone, from any country, anywhere on the planet. . .  and English is the most widely understood language amongst medical professionals, especially in areas popular with British expatriates.


no fixed abode. . .

Caravanners, full time motorhomers and canal boaters all share a common challenge;  remaining registered with a doctor's surgery.  This can can make accessing your medical history so much more hit and miss in the event of an emergency.

If the worst should happen, carrying a MyAlerts! card will give any first responder instant access to your critical medical notes, wherever you are in the UK. . .  or abroad.


treat them right!

A five-year MyAlerts! account at just a penny a day makes the perfect gift for a loved one, whether they fall into one of these specific user groups or not!  For affordable peace of mind, visit our REGISTRATION page for details.