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We are only able to provide this life-saving service for a penny a day thanks to the support of our business SPONSORS and because so many kind people volunteer their time to help our efforts.

as an angel operator. . .

If a first responder has no internet access and therefore cannot view a patient's Public Alerts, there is an 0330 emergency number on the back of every MyAlerts! card.

During the working day, calls to this number are answered by Support, but after 4pm and at weekends the Emergency number is directed to one of our small team of 'Angel Operators'.  Their job is to open the card holder's Public Alerts page and read the important content to the caller (although they may then need to stay on the line to pass this information on to medical professionals).

If you'd like to find out more about joining our exclusive team of MyAlerts! Angels, please contact Support on 01646 636 311 or email and we'll contact you for a more in-depth, informal, chat!

(. . . and don't worry if you forget our web address at, just search for penny alerts or penny medic and we'll pop up in Google!)


or help spread the word. . .

One penny a day just about covers the cost to maintain the system, to provide both customer and technical support, and to store the data of up to 100,000 card holders.

However, to make our unique service this affordable we don't have a 'marketing budget', we can't afford to buy expensive advertising. . .  so we rely solely on volunteers around the world to promote MyAlerts! through Social Media, in blogs and various forums.

To become a volunteer Promoter, simply join the MyAlerts! FACEBOOK group.  We can then keep you informed about what's happening with MyAlerts! and give you access to weekly updated images and posts that you can share with your friends and followers.

Together, we really can help to save lives. . .


please visit our sponsors

The business below all help us in some way, so please take a look at their products and services.

Topline PR:  Despite us having no marketing budget at all, the time-served journalists at Topline write our press releases. . .  and act as our press office, fielding enquiries from the media.  Find out more at; Topline PR

CanalsOnline Magazine:  This on-line magazine for the UK's canal and river boating community are running a full page feature throughout 2021/2022 (and beyond we hope!) to make the estimated 70,000 people who live permanently on the British waterways aware of MyAlerts! and how it can particularly help them!  Please take a moment to visit CanalsOnline Magazine

Talk Numbers:  Our enormous thanks to this leading Telecoms Company for providing our 0330 emergency number, and the App that allows first responders access to our Angel Operators, 24 hours a day, from anywhere on the globe!  You can find their website at


If you have a business and would like to get involved, or perhaps you are a Social Media 'influencer', please get in touch by calling 01646 636 311 or email and let's talk!